We value and respect our client’s information and do our best to avoid a data breach. We give prime consideration to your privacy and only because of this reason we are among the top brands in the industry.

You can rest assure because your data is in safe hands and won’t be shared or used by anyone else. Let’s learn more about the policy details from the below-written statements.

User Identification information
Skylite Web may collect limited personal identification information from its business website users. The data collected only from web visitors sent via email or different contact forms. We assure we will not disclose the valuable information to anyone. Users can also altogether refuse to provide identification information; however such refusal will avert us from better customer engagement.
• We take care of the submission of sensitive information via the website or other contact channels to contact Skylite Web
• We take complete accountability to secure both offline and online information of our clients
• Sensitive information will be encrypted and secured with specific departments who might need them during the service period

Browser Cookies
• Our website uses cookies for an enhanced user experience of visitors
• We only use cookies to recognize recurring visitors to our website and enhance the user experience
• It is no way linked to obtaining any personal information on our business website

Outbound Links
• Our website may embrace links to another website
• Clients should be aware that we are not accountable for the privacy and content of such other websites
• You should read the privacy statement of such websites which may collect their personal information

Disclosure of client’s information
Skylite Web adhere to a strict policy which prohibits any disclosures of personal information to any third parties
In individual events of law enforcement works, we may be requested to provide such information and will comply with such law orders to preserve the business disciplinary rules

For Your Information
* We may change or update our policy time-to-time for enhanced business operation and user experience
* Illegal duplicity of any content or material of our business website is completely prohibited and will be directed to law enforcement authorities