Skylite Web feels that clients have the right to asses our services and judge if we can execute the best or not. We adhere to strict policies and offer clients with supreme right to claim a refund in exceptional scenarios.
Eligibility to get a refund:
• We offer a guaranteed Refund for the first month only if the client feels that the work is not up to the mark or there is no improvement in the first month itself
• We also offer a refund in case if there is no improvement in the existing month and client claim for a refund for the current month only .

With the vitality of digital marketing, it’s quite incredulous to ensure a calculated or guaranteed outcome, but with the new technology plan in place, we can assure improvements and expect our clients to comprehend the same.

Refund will not be applicable in the following scenarios:
• Once the service setup is exchanged, or setup fees are charged (setup fees include SEO strategy preparation, web analysis, writing consignments, SEO optimization process)
• Once the web development or else design project started
• After seven days starting a project (if any setup work has already begun in between this period then the refund will also not be pertinent)
• If any problem occurs from the client-side
• If the client chooses another operator for the same project while working with Skylite Web
• If the domain gets blacklisted due to client’s fault

Cancellation Policy:
• The client may cancel the hired services with a notice written 30 days before cancellation
• The cancellation will be invalid until confirmed by our respective department
• Page traffic and domain blacklisted will not be considered for service cancellation
• The client is not eligible for cancellation with unpaid dues left

Our policies may vary from time-to-time, or we may revise it for better business operations and user convenience.

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