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Stop Doing Website Development & Design for Google and Start Doing It for Customers – What Works in 2018

Website designers and business owners are pulled in many different directions when determining what content and features they should add to their website. Variables like animations, site colors, copy & messaging, button designs, user flow, search engine optimization, fonts, photos, and video, page performance and more – all play a significant role in how an overall website development & design come together with the user experience. Of the variables mentioned – and there are certainly some that were left out – SEO is probably the most heavily weighted as most businesses want to be at the top of search results for their industry.


However, designing for search engines can mean sacrificing too much of the user experience for the sake of appeasing the robots that crawl your site and determine ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). This, in turn, will cause visitors to spend less time on your website, or to leave the website before performing an action such as submitting a lead form. Ironically enough, search engines like Google then factor in metrics like session duration, average pages per session and bounce rate to determine whether your website is worth ranking. In simple words, by designing your website for Google in 2018 and beyond, and not for your customers, you are and will be actually hurting your rankings and not helping them. Thus, perform website development and design not for Google and but for customers.

So, what to do? Surprisingly, there’re ways to consider. Keep on reading further to know about what are the ways that can help you perform website development and design in near future.

Keep Your Website 100% Secure – A Mandatory in 2018 & Onwards:

When your website is in development and design phase, make sure it is 100% secure to browse. People usually rate security as one of the most important factors when visiting someone’s website and deciding on a service. If your website is extremely slow, looks outdates, and doesn’t have any indication that is secure, it will turn away visitors faster than the pages can load. However, if you include the SSL certificate to your site at the time it is in website development and design phase, it will secure the transfer of information between customers and the site. Also, you will immediately make visitors feel more secure and thus increase your chances of a conversion. Some websites go so far as to add a logo of the type of security certificates or software they use to add more security to something like, for example, a checkout page on an ecommerce site. Surprisingly, this has been proven to comfort customers during the checkout process. It should be noted that you should only add the logo of the security programs you are implementing, as adding a logo of a program you don’t use to create the illusion of security is highly illegal.

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Offer What Visitors Want & Nothing Else:

In the end, it comes down to whether or not your site has something to offer its visitors. This is why so many marketing companies talk about the importance of adding good and consistent content at the time of website development and design itself. Think of content in a variety of ways – it can be blogs, videos, new products, or new images. These things should be continuously added or enhanced throughout your website. Your website and web design should consistently be getting better each day. Additionally, good content should be matched with a high-performance, easy-to-navigate website development and design that delivers what they need fast and in an aesthetically pleasing way. Add to that the comfort of security, and you have got yourself a site that will not only perform well for visitors, but also for search engines.

So, are you willing to give your business the benefits of getting online in this 21stcentury? Contact Skylite Web for employing the best crew of website development and design for your needs. Build a customer-centric website easily now and force Google to rank you higher.



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