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The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in SEO -2020!

We all are surrounded by Artificial Intelligence. From Siri to Alexa to Google Home, it’s influencing the age we live in and giving higher prospects to execute every task smartly. Most of us nowadays rely on voice search for help even in the simplest tasks.

So, how Artificial Intelligence is competent in SEO? How can it manipulate Search Engine Rankings? Have you ever come across the use of Artificial Intelligence in SEO?

Let’s dive in to know more…

Section 1

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and SEO

Currently, Artificial Intelligence is used in Digital Marketing to collect data on ad aiming to determine:

  • the pertinence of content
  • to recognize purchaser segments for cross-selling
  • For streamlining marketing campaigns
  • Analyzing the emotional values of brands on their target audience

But very few business owners are using Artificial Intelligence to improve their Search Engine Rankings.

Defining Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a constantly evolving system designed to identify, sort, and present the data that is most likely to meet the needs of users at that specific time, based on a multitude of variables. The capabilities of artificial intelligence will significantly advance the utility of SEO ahead of simple keyword phrases.

Till now, the nature of the search engine algorithm has destined that SEO practitioner has been able to mistreat the structure- considering ever more creative ways to skirt Google’s influence.

As User familiarity prioritized more in Online Business, there has been a great effort to make Search Engine results more holistic and effectual for the user and the Search Engines. And this is where Artificial Intelligence is becoming a key component.

Classification of Artificial Intelligence 

There are three diverse classifications of AI

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  • Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)

Artificial Narrow Intelligence- it is utilized for one meticulous thing

Artificial General Intelligence- is the title given when the AI can perform the same level as a human.

Artificial Superintelligence- Artificial Superintelligence the title given when AI has reached a capacity that is beyond the capabilities of a single human.

Artificial Narrow intelligence has been used for some time in online activities. And online activities such as how emails SPAM filter works, and Google Translate in addition to IBM’s Watson.

Section 2

Latest Addition of Google’s Machine-learning AI System

Let’s discuss two of the latest edition of Google’s Machine learning AI system that helps to process all of Google’s search results.


Rankbrain is a machine learning-based search engine algorithm, established by Google on 26th October 2015.

It aims to understand the context and the content of a website and works by embedding a vast amount of written language into mathematical entities called vectors. Vector is the information or data that only the computer can read and understand.

It denotes that Rankbrain comes across a word or a phrase that it hasn’t stumbled upon before, it can make a shrewd guess as its meaning based on similar words or else phrases that are already in its system. And this factor makes Rankbrain tremendously effective at never handling – before – seen search queries.

How it affects SEO?    

It will significantly change how SEO is undertaken; it will no longer be effectual to repeatedly include keyword phrases into your content to gain a higher listing in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). With the use of AI, Google will be able to rank a web page based on the content that it contains, but also based on information that isn’t even of the web page.

It is only possible due to Artificial Intelligence’s intuitive understanding of interlinking- it ranks pages on what information they offer, or link to, in a broader style, making keyword phrases a far less noteworthy factor in a victorious SERP ranking. Rather than precise words or phrases, Artificial Intelligence ranks pages more highly that include related terms and concepts, as these add value for the user- boosting user experience.

The Yardstick

For Artificial Intelligence to understand what a good, and therefore the high-ranking website is, it uses a Yardstick site will rank superior in search engine results pages.

Comprehending that different websites need to offer diverse types of content, the Yardstick websites vary across sectors, meaning that a website that circulates content about physiotherapy, will be anticipated to have diverse infrastructure and deepness of content than an e-commerce site selling.

How it affects SEO?   

Artificial intelligence in the world of SEO is, therefore, able to highlight the best and most relevant strategies for your website. An enormously helpful tool in outperforming the competition!

The Artificial Intelligence system will also aid shape content and web layout for success with both the SERP as well as with the users.

Section 3

How to Boost SEO Ranking with Artificial Intelligence?

Get the correct Tools

SEO PowerSuite

A tool like SEO PowerSuite will ensure that you are getting quality links and optimizing your website, and will secure your website from the penalties and algorithm changes that the AI may perform. 

It is a fantastic tool, assists you stick to the guidelines, to not get wrong links and to help you rapidly audit your website for problems, monitor your keyword rankings and keep an eye on your competitors to see if you can get their best links.


SEMrush discovers page problems and fixes them, allows you to evaluate your competition, recognize opportunities for growth, enrich your list of keywords, create content and track and report results. 

Get used to with Keyword Phrases

With the introduction of AI in the domain of SEO, the way we search keywords has changed. It is recommended to choose one chief keyword phrase, and adapt as well as optimize it for related phrases throughout.

It means use keyword phrases in different methods. For example if your Keyword phrase is Website Development, then it is best to evade repeating the precise phrase over and over, and preferably you can include variations such as – to develop websites, develop a website, and growing websites.

Brand Yourself

Branding is tremendously significant – initiate with your website and branch out to the most relevant social networks for your customers. If you have a local business, it is vital to carry the branding into the local directories that ensemble your business.

Consider Mobile

Mobile search is becoming more and more frequent nowadays, and it is essential to improve your brand’s detailed strategy for the device. Google has put more pressure on sites to become increasingly mobile-friendly, and by doing so it is possible to increase revelation as well as brand awareness.

Voice Search  

Voice search usually is longer and more informal in tone, and so it is significant to consider this as part of your website’s SEO policy. Content that allocates the casual, conversational tone of probable voice is one method to optimize for this, and performing some keyword research for conversational queries will also lead you to make content that can be easily found through voice search as well as written questions.

Visual search

Not only limited to a sensitive understanding of language, search engines are also getting very good at comprehending visual content too- working out what a video, audio clip or image is actually.

Content writers had to discover methods to optimize their headings as well as keywords, and a similar process will now be necessary for visual content originators. Optimizing keyword targeting, Meta, tags, length of the video, and other factors will significantly impact or improve the visibility of your web content.

Furthermore, spamming keywords in image descriptions will no longer be a viable strategy.

Section- 4

The Importance of Content in Artificial Intelligence

Creating fabulous and unique content is the key to online victory, and this holds in the world of Artificial intelligence and Search Engine Optimization. Engaging appealing materials across a diversity of websites, blogs, and videos and guest blogs means that should one piece of your online presence be affected by an Artificial Intelligence – related shift then it won’t influence your business to the same degree.

Content should center on is appropriate and vital to the user – keyword phrases should be restored by content that is focused on a critical concept. Instead of repeating the same keywords in your content, it would be better to write a blog or series of blog posts, that all relate to one another, which determines on a sole topic but take a more broad method to the subject.

Become Niche

For the win-win situation with Artificial intelligence in the SEO world, the best alternative for your website is to focus on a single topic. It will facilitate Rankbrain learn which position you are in and will also narrow the entrant pool because Google will evaluate your website only to others in the same niche, so you will have better chances of ranking as well as getting traffic. The significance of being niche carries over to backlinks too.  

Section 5

How Is Search changing in the long term?

AI is dramatically changing the landscape of search. The knowledge aptitude of Artificial intelligence is a good fit for voice search, which improves its speed as well as accuracy through user-experience and big data.

The internet, as well as search engines and websites, may see a huge transformation in its structure with the advent of Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence becomes more significant and better. It may be able to mine the data that is most likely to meet the user’s needs as well as present it to them directly in place of offering a list of possible matches.  

SEO will eventually become an enormously technical field, dealing with big data as well as analytics, and is governed by an Artificial Intelligence whose agenda is virtually unknown.

Final Verdict

Victory is an organic search, powered by Artificial Intelligence, will ultimately come down to offering a positive user experience that emphasizes on providing fantastic content that is easy to access across all devices.



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