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Why Update your Website in 2019? – SkyLite Web

This is 2019 and there are over millions of websites in the World Wide Web directory.

But only handfuls are well-known and have managed to make themselves a brand, and a few thousand are quite popular and get the most traction.

But, how do they manage to get there?

The answer is they keep up with the trends and update their website.

Now let us take a scenario:

  • You run a sportswear store wherein you sell sports equipment, jerseys, etc.
  • You have a website – which you hardly take care of – since last year; with your inventory online.
  • Someone searches for “Nike running shoes nearby for men” on Google and suppose your site appears; which is difficult if you are not taking your online presence seriously.
  • Now, that it appears, the person visits your site and found it’s not fitting his mobile screen properly; you have not optimized the pages and many things that simply compel him to leave your site.
  • Now, you just sit and drool over the analytics as to why the visitor did not convert.

The reason behind all this is not updating the website.

So, here are the reasons why you should consider investing in updating your website without any further delay/

Competitive – It’s unlikely that your competitor has not updated his business site. Keeping them in mind, do what you need to do. From making it responsive to having social media handle. Try uploading good quality photos and content to make sure they find your site compelling and attractive.

For better conversion – If you have updated your website, then make sure you have optimized and it is well-tested. Otherwise, people won’t convert. Make sure you don’t make the buying process complicated; it should be seamless and not time-taking.

Though there are many ways to update your website; it is recommended to hire a professional to do that for you. If you are looking to update your website, then contact SkyLite Web and we would be happy to help you.



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